Marvelous Job!

I wanted to say that you all do a marvelous job. Today was my child’s first dentist appointment and I was kind of worried. You all took good care of my daughter and calmed my nerves. Thank you very much!

Wonderful Experience at Vital Smiles!

I have always had good experiences taking my children to Vital Smiles Georgia. The dentists and staff really care and do a terrific job. I recommend Vital Smiles to all my friends with kids.

Same Day Appointment

My son was complaining about a toothache and I wanted to get him to a dentist. He is on Medicaid and I was worried he would have to wait for an appointment. We were able to get in at Vital Smiles Georgia that same day. The staff was very caring and took excellent care of him. Thank you Vital Smiles!

Great First Appointment!

I expected my daughter may have a difficult time with her first dental visit, but she was put at ease by the experienced staff at Vital Smiles Georgia. They took the time to show her proper tooth brushing techniques and made her feel comfortable. We are very pleased with our experience!



We keep your child’s teeth sparkling clean with the help of our electric tooth brush (a motorized prophy brush). We then apply bubbles (fluoride) to keep his or her teeth strong.

Filling Cavities


We use fun tools like Mr. Bumpy (our slow speed drill) to remove decay. Your child will then receive a silver star (filling), and the tooth will be good as new.



Sealants are thin, protective coatings used to prevent tooth decay. They fill in the tiny grooves of the tooth surface so that brushing becomes more effective.



We use a tooth camera (X-ray machine) to take pictures of your child’s teeth. This gives us a better look at his or her smile. Our Digital X-rays are state of the art, limiting radiation exposure.