First Visit

Vital Smiles Georgia wants to ensure that your children have positive experiences with oral hygiene and dental visits. As a parent, you play an important role in how your children react to dental exams. Below you will find a few helpful tips to prepare them for their first dental visit:

  • Try scheduling during times of the day when they are most rested.
  • Reassure them if they are anxious.
  • Use fun, kid-friendly words to describe what will happen during the visit. (We have created a dictionary of kid-friendly terms that we use in our office. See below.*)

Once you and your child arrive at the Vital Smiles Georgia office, your child will enjoy fun activities while you complete any necessary forms. The children’s dental hygienist will greet you and your child before taking him or her to have their teeth cleaned.
We will thoroughly and patiently walk your child through each step as it happens. You can even watch the dental cleaning from the observation area.

After the cleaning and exam, our expert team members will speak with you regarding your child’s oral health. The dentist will answer any questions you may have about dental hygiene or any issues your child has been experiencing. We will also let you know if any follow up procedures are recommended, either immediately that day or in the future.

*Vital Smiles Dictionary of Kid-Friendly Dental Terms

  • Bubbles or jelly: a fluoride treatment we apply during a pediatric teeth cleaning. This helps strengthen your child’s teeth.
  • Electronic toothbrush: a motorized prophy brush used to clean your child’s teeth during check-ups
  • Mr. Bumpy: a slow-speed tool that helps remove decayed material from your child’s teeth and helps to prepare teeth for fillings
  • Mr. Thirsty: a suction straw used during cleanings and procedures to suck up excess liquid in the mouth
  • Prince Crown or Princess Crown: a chrome or porcelain crown sometimes used in dental restorations
  • Silver Star: a sliver filling, made from an amalgam of restoration material
  • Sleepy Juice: the anesthesia used for numbing the teeth and gums during procedures
  • Sugar bug: cavities, or dental caries, in teeth
  • Tooth camera: the radiograph equipment used to take X-rays of your child’s teeth
  • Tooth counter: the dental explorer used to examine teeth
  • Water Whistle: a high-speed tool that helps to remove decayed material from your child’s teeth



We keep your child’s teeth sparkling clean with the help of our electric tooth brush (a motorized prophy brush). We then apply bubbles (fluoride) to keep his or her teeth strong.

Filling Cavities


We use fun tools like Mr. Bumpy (our slow speed drill) to remove decay. Your child will then receive a silver star (filling), and the tooth will be good as new.



Sealants are thin, protective coatings used to prevent tooth decay. They fill in the tiny grooves of the tooth surface so that brushing becomes more effective.



We use a tooth camera (X-ray machine) to take pictures of your child’s teeth. This gives us a better look at his or her smile. Our Digital X-rays are state of the art, limiting radiation exposure.